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New Session begins from 11th April 2023 for Class I – XII & 4th April for Pre Primary Section.        09th April 2023 – Founder’s Day         Summer vacation will commence from 19th May 2023 to 18th June 2023. School reopen on 19th of June 2023..

Principal & Secretary's Note

My father the late Mr. Christopher Rozario had taught us to love unconditionally no matter what the cost, to arise from situations that bind us down and to shine where there is darkness so that the world may see our light and know that we are true Sebastians. I am a firm believer that a child is a pure soul created by God and it is for us as true guardians to guide and nurture God’s most precious creation to become good and responsible children not only in school but in their homes and communities. There is a very famous scripture quote that says, “What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his soul”. This for me has always been a gentle reminder of the person of who God wants us to be. We should never compromise our well-being for material or monetary gain.

— Dr. M P Rozario

Vice Principal's Note

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you all to our School Website. With a long history of achievements in the field of education behind . Our School is continuing to move ahead with utmost confidence, perseverance and humility under the guidance of our Principal . In our School we not just educate but also inculcate the sense of belongingness within a child. A School is a place for children to grow as an individual, it is also considered to be the second home where they are nurtured by the teachers just as their own children .The teaching faculty devote their entire time in educating the students and help them in every possible way here. St. Sebastian’s School, serves as a platform for hidden flairs. We conduct multiple in house events for our students to shine.

— Veronica Rozario

Our Founder

Late Mr. Christopher Rozario

(1929 - 2004)




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