Our Founder the Late Mr. Christopher Rozario, was a self-professed social worker and an educationist. He was a man after his own heart. A well-established professional with a multinational company, Mr. Christopher Rozario was a pragmatist who applied his aspiration to bring joy and relief to the needy and underprivileged in the vicinity and the surrounding areas of Seal Lane. He was moved by the need for an educated and erudite society in the local area. He resigned from his professional career and set about establishing his dream. He set about his mission not knowing what the consequences would be. There was a passion, a burning desire to follow his vision. He was concomitant with renowned social welfare achievers in the city of joy – Kolkata. His association with Blessed Mother Teresa and Pastor Mark Buntain was noteworthy. He was instrumental in organizing regular food distribution programmes in Seal Lane. Mr. Christopher Rozario, the patriarch of the Rozario family now became a father figure for many and helped counsel those who came to him with their problems.
The year was 1977 when misfortune struck the Rozario family. Sebastian Rozario the 2nd son of the family died tragically at a very young age and this loss gave birth to the concept of starting an institution in his memory – St. Sebastian’s School was born in 1980. The school grew in stature from its humble beginning at a rented apartment to its present premises at 14, Seal Lane – Kolkata 700 015. Mr. Christopher Rozario went about the local area instilling the desire for an education among the residents. His was not a monetary gain, instead he welcomed those children from low income group families. Very often he forfeited a child’s fee because of the poverty of the family. His love for children was unconditional. He tread forward emotionally involved with his mission and ably assisted by his third son M. P. Rozario who gave up his dream of going to the USA for his MBA degree. Instead the young man stood by his father’s side and decided to assist him in all affairs. Mr. Christopher Rozario saw immense potential in his third son and groomed the young Dr. M. P. Rozario to become Principal of St. Sebastian’s School. The School was affiliated in August 2000 and there was immense joy and a sense of achievement for all concerned. Two years later there was more celebration when the school received its ISC affiliation. Sadly on the 21st November 2004 our dear and beloved Founder and Patriarch departed for his heavenly home, safe in the arms of Jesus. There was mourning and grief in the hearts of many from far and near. The children, teachers, support staff, parents and close friends incurred a great loss; but we understood that the wheels set in motion by our late Founder had to move on and so our very own Dr. M. P. Rozario took the reins despite his grief and continued from where his father had left off.

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