True Sebastiansare …
1. always cheerful and accept whatever responsibility is entrusted to them.
2. always respectful to their teachers and elders, whenever they meet them.
3. always truthful, whatever the cost.
4. proud of their school and will do nothing that may tarnish its honour or good name in or out of school premises.
5. aware that cruelty is a trait of a bully while kindness is a mark of gentleness.
6. always neat and tidy in dress and appearance. They never forget that cleanliness is next to godliness.
7. always friendly wherever they may be. They are quick in making friends with children of any nationality.
8. always courageous and ready to face adversities with confidence despite the odds.
9. always observant of good manners and etiquette.
10. always ready to lend a helping hand at home – to their parents, brothers and sisters; in school – to their teachers and school mates and even to strangers in need of assistance to make the world a better place to live in. In short, they are expected to be perfect ambassadors of the school, disseminating around them a true Sebastian spirit.

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