General Rules

  • Strict regularly and punctuality, implicit obedience, maintaining school timings, courtesy in words and deeds, cleanliness of dress and person and proper care of books and school property are expected from every student. Students and Parents/Guardians must strictly follow the instructions, rules and regulations laid down in this regard.
  • Every student is allotted a personal SCHOLAR NUMBER which is also written on the Identity card/fee bill book/report card of your ward. Kindly Quote THIS NUMBER along with the name and class of your ward on all correspondence with the school.
  • Corporal punishment is barred.
  • It is obligatory for all students to speak in ENGLISH when in school. Hindi/Bengali may be spoken during the respective periods ONLY.
  • Parents /Guardians are requested to immediately intimate the Class Teacher or Principal,in writing, of any changes in the residence/ office address and / contact numbers.
  • Parents/ Guardians or their servants are not permitted to enter the class rooms during class hours. All appointments with teachers should be make only on working days, through the Principal, please DO NOT meet/ disturb teachers in school or at their homes concerning disciplinary action / decisions taken by the school.
  • No articles will be delivered to the students in class during school hours. Parents are requested to kindly ensure that their wards bring food, water, projects and all text books and any other article required for the day at school.
  • The bringing of ipods, cameras, comics, C.Ds, walkmans, other expensive device and the like and the wearing of jewellery, rings and amulets, etc. to school is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Books / stationary, blazers, tiffin/pencil boxes and other personal belonging must bear the name of owner. The school will not be responsible if they are lost.
  • Children are not allowed to carry cell phones to school. If any student is found in possession of one, the same will be confiscated and given to charity.
  • Students are responsibility to school authorities not only for their conduct in school premises but also for their general behaviour outside. Reports of objectionable conduct on the part of any student in or even outside the school will make him liable for disciplinary action.
  • Damage done to school property must be made good. Fines may be imposed by the principal for breaches against regularity, discipline rules and loss or damage to school property.
  • Every student, when called upon to attend extra classes or to participate in other activities of the school must do. Failure to do so entails punishments / disciplinary.
  • Students of classes I to V are permitted to wear casual/ party clothes to school on their birthday. Birthday celebrations in class are restricted to distribution of two toffees. No elaborate celebrations are permitted in school.
  • Warning cards are issued to students who are indisciplined and need correction. They are usually accompanied with rustication are permitted in school
  • Irregular attendance, habitual inattention to school work obstinacy in word and deed, wilful and repeated breach of school regulation. Parents (both Father & Mother) of such students must meet the principal on the appointed day
  • The principal is empowered to excel or insist on the withdrawal of a student in the interest of the school or the student concerned, for the following reasons :
    1. Where the student fails to come up to or maintain the academic standard required by the school
    2. Where, in the opinion of the principal, a student has failed to accept and maintained the discipline of the school and / or the continued presence is detrimental to the moral tone of the school.
    3. Where a student is suffering from a disease likely to affect the health of others.

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