“Let us resound with our voice of triumph……”is a famous Biblical verse which aptly describes our emotions and which is a reflection of our early struggle to our present status. Once again a survey was conducted by ‘Times School’ of The Times of India a Kolkata daily listed for its readers the Top 50 Schools of Kolkata. These schools are affiliated to various Educational Boards from across the country. St. Sebastian’s School was ranked #50 last year and this year we have moved up to #41. Our joy has abounded, hence ‘our voice of triumph’. For this we have thank all our well wishers, parents, students and staff of St. Sebastian’s School. Our humble beginning is a reminder to each one of us that there is no substitute for hard work and may I add perseverance to excel. We are still a young institution in comparison to many renowned and famous schools but we stand proud of our commitment to reach out to those who genuinely come from lower and middle income homes, irrespective of caste, creed, religion or status in society. We are living our Founder’s dream and making it a reality. The recognition we have received is vindication that we are moving in the right path. We stand proud of our achievements and this has further moved within us the need to pursue a higher ranking.
There is a continuous wind of change that reverberates in the corridors of educational institutions. We at St. Sebastian’s School make every effort to inculcate in children the requisite progress they need to evolve from being average children to students of substance. We encourage them to raise their hands and be counted despite the odds for theirs is the moment to seize a ‘carpe diem’.

— Rashmi Rozario

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