The motto of every Sebastian LOVE, ARISE, SHINE
My father the late Mr. Christopher Rozario had taught us to love unconditionally no matter what the cost, to arise from situations that bind us down and to shinewhere there is darkness so that the world may see our light and know that we are true Sebastians. I am a firm believer that a child is a pure soul created by God and it is for us as true guardians to guide and nurture God’s most precious creation to become good and responsible children not only in school but in their homes and communities. There is a very famous scripture quote that says, “What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his soul”. This for me has always been a gentle reminder of the person of who God wants us to be. We should never compromise our well-being for material or monetary gain.
After my father passed away I realized then that I had very big shoes to fit into. But, I was determined to move ahead without looking back. I put my hands to the plough with the confidence that the spirit of my father was always going to be with me, guiding me all through the way. At first it was a Herculean task, but gradually I came to terms with the administration of the school. I have been ably supported by my wife Mrs. RashmiRozario who has helped with the Administration and also by a very supportive team of Teachers and Support Staff.
St. Sebastian’s School is a young institution and over the years we have collectively worked hard to overcome the hurdles and difficulties that have come our way. But despite it all I am grateful for the circumstances – for it has only made us all the more independent and taught us to have faith in our own abilities. I am grateful to the Council and our well-wishers who have supported and encouraged us to grow despite our adversities. Today we stand proud of our achievements and plead for your incessant prayers and best wishes to help us to continue in our quest for a better tomorrow for our children.
I am grateful for a wonderful group of students that join our school year after year and to ever reassuring parents who have over the years cooperated in more ways than one. We have worked together as a team for the good of the school and the children in particular inculcating in them right thoughts, right values and right actions. Allowing our children to think freely and instilling in them the love for God and his creation has always been a major and distinctive philosophy of ours. To all the Teachers and Parents I have always upheld that we become equally responsible in shaping the future careers of our children and more often than not are required to work in a collective and cohesive manner. Let our efforts be positive and receptive by the young minds of our nation.

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