My father the late Mr. Christopher Rozario had taught us to love unconditionally no matter what the cost, to arise from situations that bind us down and to shine where there is darkness so that the world may see our light and know that we are true Sebastians. I am a firm believer that a child is a pure soul created by God and it is for us as true guardians to guide and nurture God’s most precious creation to become good and responsible children not only in school but in their homes and communities. There is a very famous scripture quote that says, “What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his soul”. This for me has always been a gentle reminder of the person of who God wants us to be. We should never compromise our well-being for material or monetary gain.


“Let us resound with our voice of triumph……” is a famous Biblical verse which aptly describes our emotions and which is a reflection of our early struggle to our present status. On Wednesday 31st December 2014, ‘Times School’ of The Times of India a Kolkata daily had compiled, after a survey and listed for its readers the Top 50 Schools of Kolkata. These schools were affiliated to various Educational Boards from across the country. St. Sebastian’s School was ranked No. 50 and we were ecstatic that considering our humble beginning and still a young institution in comparison to many renowned and famous schools, was recognized for our hard work and commitment. We stand proud of our achievements and this has further moved within us the need to pursue a higher ranking.

Today's Birthday!!


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